Zealous in a Sentence

Sharing Zealous in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Zealous in Example Sentences.

Use Zealous in a Sentence

Zealous Sentence

1. The shop assistant was very zealous.

2. My elder brother is a zealous movie fan.

3. All the participants were rewarded for their active participation.

4. He was zealous about his fitness frame.

5. He was a zealous social worker.

6. Her zealous attitude made her a winner in that event.

7. They were incredibly zealous and open-hearted.

8. He was a zealous supporter of our social cause.

9. No one was as zealous as him.

10. Journalists were too zealous to get into that event.

11. Everywhere you look there were zealous patriots.

12. He remembered a zealous vision of himself from before.

13. He was very zealous in defending the interests of his employers.

14. Some of the officers were more zealous in promoting the code of conduct.

15. He was very zealous about his fitness routine.

16. She was zealous for improvement.

17. The countrymen were zealous for freedom.

18. His family was zealous and open-minded.

19. He was zealous to support charitable institutions.

20. She wasn’t zealous about the event.


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