Impartial in a Sentence

Sharing Impartial in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Impartial in Example Sentences.

Use Impartial in a Sentence

Impartial Sentence

1. Justice is always impartial.

2. Judges have to be impartial to everyone.

3. He is always impartial in his judgment.

4. The media should show an impartial view of public opinion.

5. We are impartial about our pieces of advice on taxes.

6. They have demanded an impartial investigation from the authorities.

7. A mother’s love is always impartial.

8. He was very strict but impartial.

9. He wanted an impartial and public inquiry.

10. He gave an impartial view of the state of affairs in his country.

11. Only an impartial person can settle disputes fairly.

12. Talking to someone impartial here can make you feel calm.

13. She is popular for her impartial decision-making skills.

14. To protect the rights of people, the newspapers should be impartial.

15. The authorities promised an impartial probe into the case.

16. He proved to not be an impartial witness.

17. He couldn’t make an impartial decision as political loyalties were clouding his judgment.

18. Scientists are expected to be impartial in their findings.

19. She needed impartial advice on the matter at hand.

20. I can have an impartial party look over your work.


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