Nostalgic in a Sentence

Sharing Nostalgic in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Nostalgic in Example Sentences.

Use Nostalgic in a Sentence

Nostalgic Sentence

1. He made a nostalgic visit to his house.

2. Many people were nostalgic when they went to visit their school.

3. The aroma of the hot cocoa made them nostalgic for their childhood days.

4. The overall tone of the movie was nostalgic for childhood days.

5. Just look at the nostalgic stuff in the box.

6. He made a nostalgic visit to his country.

7. Talking about her old vacation days made her feel nostalgic.

8. It was a nostalgic reunion.

9. The aroma of coffee made them take a nostalgic trip to memory lane.

10. The musical hits from the ’90s made everyone feel nostalgic.

11. The band played some nostalgic music.

12. This is making me feel nostalgic.

13. The short film provided everyone with a nostalgic evening.

14. This location made me feel quite nostalgic.

15. She was getting nostalgic in her old age.

16. Whenever she’s alone he recites nostalgic poetry and reflects on fate.

17. There is something about autumn that makes us all feel very nostalgic.

18. There was no point in getting nostalgic today.

19. This book shows us the nostalgic look of the golden period of the railway.

20. That lacks a single nostalgic feeling.


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