PTE Vs IELTS Score Comparison Chart | PTE Score Equivalent to IELTS

The difference between IELTS and PTE Exam: The International English Language Testing System IELTS and the Pearson Test of English (PTE) are both conducted in order to test the and certify the proficiency of non-native English speakers. IELTS is quite popular and is accepted by many Universities from European, Australian and American countries. PTE apart … Read more

PTE Reorder Paragraph Tips & Tricks to score High in PTE Exam

In this article, we are providing useful Reorder Paragraphs PTE tips. By following these tips and tricks you will easily solve the Reorder Paragraph task in the exam. PTE Reorder Paragraph Tips & Tricks 1. Read carefully all sentence, most of the aspirants make mistakes while reading. By reading carefully you will get the basic idea … Read more

Summarize Written Text Tips & Strategies to score high in PTE Exam

PTE Summarize Written Text tips, strategies, and tricks– In PTE Academic exam Summarize Written Text is a part of the Writing Section. In this type of question, you have to write a summary of a given paragraph within 10 minutes. The answer should be in a single sentence with a word limit of 5 to … Read more

Useful Tips & Strategies to score high in PTE Read Aloud

Here we are providing the best and useful tips for Read Aloud. It came under the Speaking section in PTE academic exam. Apart from this task, speaking section has 4 task Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Answer Short Question and Re-tell Lecture. Further, we will give you some useful tips and tricks for Read Aloud which … Read more

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