Capricious in a Sentence

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Use Capricious in a Sentence

Capricious Sentence

1. Due to his capricious nature he found it difficult to hold a steady job.

2. She is known to be capricious.

3. Due to her capricious nature she was very difficult to work with.

4. The capricious weather brought relief to the residents from the humid weather.

5. Fashion is considered to be highly capricious.

6. His family is tired of his capricious nature to change jobs again and again.

7. I think he’s being capricious about this matter.

8. No one trusted her decision due to her capricious nature.

9. He was an arrogant and capricious man.

10. He is very intelligent but capricious.

11. The boss told the employee to refrain from being capricious.

12. The weather was very capricious these days.

13. No one was as capricious as him in the meeting.

14. Life is very capricious sometimes.

15. His compliments were not taken seriously due to his capricious nature.

16. Her capricious side annoyed me.

17. His capricious nature could be a reason for his failure.

18. You need to settle down and stop being so capricious.

19. Even at eighty-five years old she was very capricious.

20. His capricious statement hurt my feelings.


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