Avarice in a Sentence

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Avarice in a Sentence

Avarice Sentence

1. Avarice can blind our eyes.

2. Avarice can sometimes lead to losing a true purpose in life.

3. It is rightly said that avarice can destroy happiness.

4. The boss’s avarice made him treat his employees very harshly.

5. With avarice, you can have everything in this world you wanted but still, it wouldn’t be enough.

6. Poverty wants much but avarice wants everything.

7. Her avarice got in her way to be charitable.

8. His avarice led him to buy expensive things just to show off.

9. It’s the young men who often fall into avarice.

10. Motivated by avarice the bank employee stole money from the locker.

11. During the criminal trial, the avarice of the accused was very clear and prominent.

12. His avarice got the better of him.

13. He kept using the wealthy business for his avarice.

14. Avarice is an obstacle to being content in life.

15. The greedy CEO’s avarice led him to transfer the company’s profit to his accounts.

16. It was a long tale of avarice and abuse of power.

17. Avarice is the chief ingredient in thieves.

18. They were the victims of their avarice.

19. His secrecy led me to believe in his emotional avarice.

20. Avarice is one of the feelings which can destroy a human.


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