10 Lines on Jijabai in English for Students

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10 Lines on Jijabai in English for Students

( Set-1 ) 10 Lines on Jijabai 

1 The Indian historical figure Jijabai was born on 12 January 1598 and is also referred to as Rajmata.

2 Jijabai was the mother of Chattrapati Sivaji who was the founder of the great Maratha Empire.

3 She was born in the influential family of the Yadavs of Devagiri to Lakhuji Jadhav and Mahalasabai Jadhav in Buldhana District.

4 From the birth of Shivaji, she introduced him to the values of courage, patriotism, and righteousness.

5 She was always known for her strong will and strong vision in establishing a sovereign Maratha state.

6 During the struggle of Shivaji with Mughal and Deccan Sultanate rulers, she gave her moral support.

7 Shivaji’s early military campaigns and political maneuvering were guided by Jijabai.

8 Not only in her family but she was also respected by other high-rank commanders and nobles within the Maratha ranks.

9 Her impact and legacy are still living with the achievements of her son Shivaji through the Maratha empire.

10 She is celebrated in Indian History for strong leadership and nurturing mother.

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( Set-2 ) 10 Lines on Jijabai in English

1 Jijabai is a very important figure in the Maratha Empire, Jijabai also known by the name Rajmata Jijabai.

2 She was the mother of the greatest warrior, leader, and founder of the Maratha Empire Shivaji.

3 Jijabai was born into a noble family of Mhalasabai Jadhav and Lakhuji Jadhav with symbol of strength and wisdom.

4 From the birth of Shivaji, she taught him the importance of values, bravery, and kindness towards others.

5 Jijabai supported Shivaji’s dreams of creating a just and independent kingdom for their people.

6 She always stood by Shivaji in his struggling time during the war with her guidance and encouragement.

7 Shivaji became one of the most respected leaders and rulers with the will and belief of his mother.

8 She always made Shivaji walk on the path to fight against injustice and tyranny to protect other people.

9 Her legacy has inspired everyone to recall her mother’s love and the importance of standing up for what is right.

10 Through her strength and devotion, Jijabai continues to inspire generations of children to be brave and compassionate leaders.

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