Cultural in a Sentence

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Use Cultural in a Sentence

Cultural Sentence

1. He studied his cultural heritage in detail.

2. The cultural differences between them bothered them.

3. She took part in their cultural program.

4. Do you take part in cultural programs?

5. India is famous for its cultural diversity.

6. Preserving our cultural heritage is in the hands of the youth.

7. That place had become a cultural hub.

8. Cultural factors have a large influence on deciding gender roles.

9. His new movie was the cultural event of the year.

10. This state is the cultural hub of the country.

11. There was a cultural desert in town.

12. The town offered a huge variety of sporting and cultural events.

13. It is imperative to teach children about cultural heritage early.

14. She attended a lot of cultural meetings.

15. It was cultural appreciation week at the office today.

16. Having a cultural exchange frequently will help the countries have a better understanding of each other.

17. It is really important to understand the political and cultural context here.

18. The author gave a clear definition of cultural awareness.

19. It had become a cultural hub of rejuvenation.

20. This era was marked by social and cultural turbulence.


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