Perception in a Sentence

Sharing Perception in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Perception in Example Sentences.

Perception in a Sentence

1. Perception of things largely depends on the place and circumstances.

2. He was a man of keen perception.

3. Her perception of this problem was quite different.

4. It was a matter of perception.

5. Television has changed our perception of many things.

6. I was shocked to hear the perception of other people.

7. There is a specific part of our brain which controls our perception.

8. I have done a lot to change the perception of people about me.

9. We need to work really hard to change the perception of people in our country about women in sports.

10. A good driver always has a good perception of distance.

11. The Long practice of the activity has sharpened his perception.

12. He had some extraordinary powers of perception even when he was so young.

13. Nobody can change someone’s perception.


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