Indolent in a Sentence

Sharing Indolent in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Indolent in Example Sentences.

Indolent in a Sentence

1. An indolent man can never be successful.

2. Some of my classmates are indolent in health habits.

3. She had an indolent attitude.

4. He lost his job because he was an indolent employee who did nothing.

5. Although she was indolent on days off she did a pretty great job at work.

6. There is no place for corrupt or indolent personnel in the system.

7. You cannot use age as the reason for being indolent.

8. My indolent student waited till the last possible minute to start a new research paper.

9. He was an indolent boy who never completed his chores.

10. He was unable to pay his bills due to his indolent attitude.

11. An indolent person will try to avoid doing a task completely.

12. I don’t want to be friends with an indolent person.

13. He was looked down on for being indolent.

14. She was indolent and careless of money.

15. He did seem indolent at first but he was in fact a prodigious worker with an obsession with his job.

16. Is being lethargic or indolent the same thing?

17. Rather than fetch the ball the indolent dog decided to take a nap.

18. Abundance can make a man indolent.

19. She was too indolent to be successful.

20. There are some diseases that remain indolent for decades before they cause any symptoms.


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