Ferocious in a Sentence

Sharing Ferocious in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Ferocious in Example Sentences.

Use Ferocious in a Sentence

1. Your dog is a ferocious creature.

2. His story of ferocious savages exceeded everyone's beliefs.

3. The storm grew ferocious with every second.

4. A ferocious Warrior on the battlefield is capable of destroying the enemy completely.

5. I saw a ferocious tiger in the jungle.

6. The docile cat suddenly became very ferocious.

7. Bulldogs are considered to be a ferocious breed.

8. He fought like a ferocious Warrior.

9. They have a ferocious dog who is always barking at people.

10. Men and women can be equally ferocious at the time of separation.

11. In the new report alligators and crocodiles have also been included in the list of ferocious animals.

12. Here are some tips for coming down a ferocious dog.

13. She had a ferocious work Ethic.

14. The competition among the students was ferocious.

15. The police rescued the little girl from the clutches of a ferocious abductor.

16. A ferocious monkey attacked me yesterday.

17. The summer heat in our country is ferocious.

18. The ferocious competition pushed the prices of laptops down.

19. The docile man turned ferocious when he was wrongly imprisoned on false charges.

20. A dog can be especially ferocious if you think he is in danger.


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