Arrogant in a Sentence

Sharing Arrogant in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Arrogant in Example Sentences.

Use Arrogant in a Sentence

1. I found him to be extremely arrogant and rude.

2. You should be confident and not arrogant.

3. The arrogant young man did not listen to anyone.

4. Everyone disliked his arrogant demeanor.

5. She was said to be very proud and arrogant.

6. It doesn’t matter if you are ignorant or arrogant the result is the same.

7. He came across as rather arrogant.

8. He was not only selfish but arrogant also.

9. Although he was a great cricket player he was very arrogant and refused to talk to his fans.

10. The arrogant woman turned her head away from the homeless man.

11. She turned out to be very arrogant when she became wealthy.

12. Being knowledgeable is of no use if you are arrogant.

13. I have never approved of your arrogant behavior.

14. An arrogant person is not liked by anyone.

15. Why are you so arrogant?

16. We should all learn to be assertive without being arrogant.

17. His arrogant attitude made everyone obnoxious.

18. The victory made him arrogant.

19. You should soften your words otherwise you look arrogant.

20. Her mother did not appreciate her arrogant tone.


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