Pious in a Sentence

Sharing Pious in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Pious in Example Sentences.

Use Pious in a Sentence

1. She was a quiet pious woman.

2. He was raised by pious parents.

3. He was a pious follower of his faith.

4. He had a compassionate attitude without being pious.

5. His mother was known as a pious lady.

6. All they had was mere pious hope.

7. Pious and earnest people are hard to find today.

8. They created a pious foundation for charity.

9. Everyone was excited to welcome the pious founder of the organization.

10. They were dependent on the promises of god rather than pious sentiments.

11. He was a pious man of profound learning.

12. The new students didn’t seem very pious.

13. Everyone knew that a pious man like him would not leave his house without the Bible.

14. The king was considered the most pious person in the whole kingdom.

15. Her pious devotion led her to donate all the money to the church.

16. The auto-biographer wrote in his biography that he was a pious man and lived all his life with religious beliefs.

17. As a pious believer of faith, she never missed her faith.

18. They applied the money to pious uses.

19. At an early age, the pious boy knew he wanted to become a priest.

20. She learned a great deal about the pious scriptures under the guidance of the minister.


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