Fortitude in a Sentence

Sharing Fortitude in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Fortitude in Example Sentences.

Use Fortitude in a Sentence

1. Everyone applauded his fortitude.

2. Fortitude requires great strength.

3. Successful people do not shy from fortitude to face failures.

4. Even with great health ailments, he showed fortitude.

5. She prayed to have the fortitude to carry on fighting.

6. She showed great fortitude while facing a hostile society.

7. She fought her illness with great fortitude.

8. He was a great man of fortitude and intellect.

9. We should encourage our kids to face every challenge with fortitude.

10. After despair comes fortitude and courage.

11. She received the sad news with utmost courage and fortitude.

12. It filled me with tremendous fortitude.

13. It requires a great deal of fortitude to become a lawyer.

14. With immense fortitude, she got herself and her younger brother to a safe place during the earthquake.

15. The policeman showed great fortitude and was able to disarm the attacker before succumbing to his wounds.

16. She met every challenge with fortitude and good humor.

17. His unshaken fortitude made him fearless.

18. The fact that he still trying to win the Championship shows immense fortitude.

19. We should learn to act with great patience and fortitude during challenges.

20. Even when the soldiers knew that the odds were not in their favor they had the fortitude to continue fighting.


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