Pretentious in a Sentence

Sharing Pretentious in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Pretentious in Example Sentences.

Use Pretentious in a Sentence

Pretentious Sentence

1. I had a hard time accepting his pretentious point of view.

2. He is not pretentious at all.

3. His writing style was very pretentious.

4. The teacher didn’t appreciate the student’s pretentious attitude.

5. His poems were filled with pretentious stuff.

6. She tried to be pretentious by carrying those expensive bags.

7. Although he is very wealthy he never tries to be pretentious.

8. The restaurant was stuffy, expensive, and pretentious.

9. His statements are very pretentious.

10. Day by day people on social media are getting pretentious.

11. His last-minute attempt to pass a comment made him pretentious.

12. Most parts of the movie were pretentious and slow.

13. Her fashion style was very awkward and pretentious.

14. There was a myriad of pretentious students from ivy schools.

15. Some people just enjoy being pretentious.

16. She complained that all my titles are fake and pretentious.

17. The novel dealt with great themes but it was never pretentious.

18. The salesperson at the shop was very pretentious.

19. It sounds a bit pretentious to my ears.

20. She behaved in a pretentious way at that party.


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