Aloof in a Sentence

Sharing Aloof in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Aloof in Example Sentences.

Use Aloof in a Sentence

Aloof Sentence

1. She stayed aloof most of the time.

2. I find him very aloof and unfriendly.

3. He was always aloof from the others.

4. Never stand aloof from the crowd.

5. He was aloof for the entire conversation.

6. She seemed aloof and detached.

7. The government was aloof from the controversy.

8. Was she aloof or just shy?

9. He was aloof, cold, and distant.

10. The aloof prince stood alone in the corner.

11. The government kept everyone aloof from the controversy.

12. She remained aloof during the argument.

13. Never stand aloof from the masses.

14. The old man stood aloof from everyone.

15. She might seem aloof all the time but she’s a very confident girl.

16. Cats are considered to be aloof as they prefer staying alone.

17. The queen had an aloof personality which made her seem like a snob most of the time.

18. Everyone found both of them too aloof to be a couple.

19. He played mysterious and aloof to not get hurt.

20. I tried really hard to be aloof from your antics.


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