Essay on Self Help is the Best Help for Students

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Essay on Self Help is the Best Help for Students

Essay on Self Help in 150 words

God helps those who know how to help themselves. One cannot have success in life if he depends on others’ help. He must try hard and work hard to attain his goal. If he does not have confidence in his own ability, others cannot help him attain success in life. If only one is sincere in his labour and determined to attain his goal, he can earn success in life. So the key to success is in our own hands, not in the dependence on others. If we read the stories of success in our world, We can see how the most successful men have helped themselves. They are all self-made men, never depending on others, But that does not mean that they have worked alone in this world and that they have refused to take others’ help. They have accepted help from others but relied on themselves.


Essay on Self Help is the Best Help in 300 words

`Self-help is the best help’ is a popular proverb. This is not only a proverb but also the outcome of human experience. There are two types of help. One is self-help and the other one is the help rendered by others.

The idea of self-help was conceived by man in the very early stages of civilization. The primitive man depended on his own help for securing food and meeting his various needs. Man learned by experience that when he does something on his own he can do it better than when it is done by somebody else for him. As long as a person does his work on his own he is his own master. He derives satisfaction from having done something by his own efforts. When work is done for him by others this satisfaction will not be there. In the beginning, the man depended upon his self-help. But with the progress of civilization, a man began to live on other’s labour. This transformed the innocent primitive man into a cunning civilized man. Man became lazy and corrupt. In course of time, he even tried to enslave others for his selfish ends. Thus came into existence the cruel practice of slavery. Today, though slavery has been abolished we can find a large number of people who depend on others’ labour.

Self-help develops self-reliance and self-dependence. One feels confident of his capacity. He knows what to do and how to do things. He is not a parasite on others. The example set by Japan in this regard is worth mentioning. Japan is a country that is wedded to this principle and used it as a means of her progress. The result is that Japan became an advanced nation. So self-help is the root of all progress.

But this must not make us selfish and narrow-minded. When a man thinks of himself he must also think of others. Man is a social animal. He needs the help of others. He cannot produce each and everything needed by him by his self-efforts. Therefore while a person tries to be as self-reliant as possible he should not be blind to the needs of other people.


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