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Essay on Knowledge is Power in English For Students

Knowledge is Power Essay in 100 words

Knowledge helps man attain success, position, and power in life. Physical strength and money are also power. But knowledge is superior to any other power. A man of knowledge tames physically stronger animals. He rides an elephant. He puts the lion in a cage. It is the knowledge that has made progress possible in life. Man has become the master of the earth, ocean, and sky. Science can become the ally or enemy of man according to man’s desire. Great philosophers have moulded the destiny of the world. Rousseau caused Fierich Revolution. Karl Marx found out the truth about social phenomena. Plato laid down what an ideal state should be. it is, therefore, preferable to have the power of knowledge than any other power.


Essay on Knowledge is Power in 400 to 500 words

“Knowledge is power”. There are so many kinds of power that a man can possess: the power of physical strength, the power of money, or the power of the support of men. But the power of knowledge is the strongest of all.

Knowledge is all that a person knows. And that knowing at a deeper level is actually ‘knowledge’. Thoreau says: “To know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know—that is true knowledge.” Whatever one comes to know, he must know it thoroughly. He must not learn anything half-heartedly. In that case, he cannot be called a knowledgeable person.

Those, who have prospered in life, either in learning or in politics or in any other field of life, are found to possess knowledge in that stream. Without knowledge, it is not possible to rise high in life. A soldier is called knowledgeable if he knows the necessary arts of warfare; a doctor is called knowledgeable if knows how to treat a patient efficiently; a teacher is called knowledgeable if he knows how to impart true knowledge to his pupils.

The ocean of knowledge is bottomless. The more one moves deep into it, it appears deeper to him at every step. There is no limit or end to the world of knowledge. Sterne says: “The desire of knowledge, like the thirst of riches, increases ever with the acquisition of it.” Once the nectar of knowledge is tested by someone, he cannot restrain his desire for further knowledge. He is forced to proceed further and further to acquire more and more wisdom.

There is a Sanskrit proverb: “A king is worshiped in his kingdom only, while a learned man is worshiped all over the world.” This is, no doubt, a true statement. A wise and learned man can find his home in any corner of the world. He becomes fearless, broad-minded, and a perfect human being with a clear vision of life.

It is the knowledge of science, medicine, literature, and politics that has brought many new ideas and gifts for mankind. Discoveries, inventions, and research works of the men of knowledge and wisdom have made this world worth living for us. We are proud of the superior knowledge of the great men and women of the world.

The first step to knowledge is to begin from the preliminary stage, and then to enter deeper into the bottom of the subject to gain true knowledge. Knowledge makes one wise. Wisdom is a precious thing in life. It is the wise men who can become great. A wise or knowledgeable man is truly powerful in all respects.


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