Essay on Old is Gold in English for Students & Children

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Essay on Old is Gold for Students & Children

200 words Old is Gold Essay

Old things are reliable because they are tested. There is no risk in anything which has been tried. New friends may betray but the old friends will always stand by you through thick and thin. He will never deceive you but will show you the right path. New inventions may create health problems. New ideas may not be practicable. Even the new fashions do not long last. They accepted for some time only. If we go back in the history of fashions, we see that old fashions become alive again they reliable. In olden times there were fashions of tight pants. Then there came the fashions of bell-bottoms. After some time there came the fashion of loose pants. Now again is the fashion of tight pants. Old people are considered wise. They are the storehouse of wisdom. Old things are familiar and so old people have not to adjust themselves. Old provides the foundation of everything. Time rejects everything that is old and momentary. The best is left behind. We should learn to look at old with reverence.


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