Essay on No Pain No Gain for Students & Children

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Essay on No Pain No Gain for Students & Children

Life is a perennial struggle. From birth to death, man has to fight the battle of life. Every moment of our life is packed with struggle. It is not possible for us to get anything just by simple wishing. If we live like a lovely thing and do nothing it is but natural that we shall get nothing. Pain is the price tag for acquiring something worthwhile in life. Only the persons who take pains about their work make their mark in life. Labour is the destiny of man. Man has to live by the sweat of his brow. He cannot be to reap harvest unless he has first ploughed the hard d and sown seeds on it. There can be no petals without pricks. The whole history of civilization is a brilliant ord of man’s victory over the difficulties and hardships of life. We did not get our independence as a gift from the English. It had to be earned and won by hard work.

Students have to burn the midnight oil to achieve top positions in the examinations. Artists have to strive hard for creating masterpieces. Poets have to put in hard labour to compose poems. Even women have to labour hard to look beautiful. There is no shortcut to success in life. Those who sit idly or look for outside help invite their own ruin or downfall. If farmers, gardeners or factory workers stop working, there will be nothing around but poverty, starvation and death. No wonder everybody has to strive hard to gain a name. If we really want to progress in our life, we should not be afraid of struggle. Moreover, man derives joy and pleasure from the struggle. The fruit of labour is sweet. If there are no hardships and difficulties, our life would be dull and colourless.

So we should overcome the difficulties of life with a smiling face. Only then, our victory will be glorious. No success is achieved without consistent hard labour. So life should be taken as a battlefield in which we all have to fight out our enemies so that we can be fully secured.


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