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Essay on The Child is the Father of Man

100 words The Child is the Father of Man Essay

The child is the father of man”, said Shakespeare. It means that childhood shows the man. It means that the conduct of a child shows what he could become. The habits formed in childhood shape the character of the mature man. Gandhiji was the devotee of love and truth from his childhood. Florance Nightingale showed her interest in nursing in her childhood. Shivaji’s character was moulded by his mother in his childhood. It cannot be denied that coming events cast their shadows before Childhood is the formative period in the life of a person. Whatever qualities are learned, in this period continue in later life.


Essay on The Child is the Father of Man 

This proverb means that the child’s character gives insight into the kind of man he will grow up to be. This is particularly true of great men. There is a story about Mahatma Gandhi which brings out the truth of this statement. Once while in school, and Educational Inspector visited the school and conducted a spelling test. Gandhiji misspelled one of the words. The teacher prompted him to copy the correct spelling from his neighbour’s slate. Gandhiji refused to do so. Even as a boy he attached great importance to honesty, a quality for which he become famous later in his life. If one observes carefully one finds that certain characteristics a child displays consolidate when he becomes an adult. Man changes very little from what he was in his childhood.


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