Essay on Good Manners in English For Students & Children

We are Sharing an Essay on Good Manners in English for students. In this article, we have tried our best to provide a Short Good Manners Essay for Class 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 in 100, 250, 300, 400, 500 words.

Essay on Good Manners in English For Students & Children


Essay 1- Short Essay on Good Manners for Class 1,2

Good manner is a positive quality of a good man.

It is essential to reach an elevated scale.

A man can never be popular without good manners.

Even he will never be able to win the love and respect of all.

Therefore, good manner is a good trait of a nobleman.

It indicates someone’s family heritage.

Manners are minor morals.

Good manners are not easy to find. It is very rare in the recent generation.

Every now and then, we find the scarcity of perfect manners.

Good Manner is a good tonic for broken hearts.

It is true to say that manners complete a man; without them, he remains an animal.


Essay 2- Essay on Importance of Good Manners in 100 words

Manners distinguish men from each other. While people who possess good manners are held in high esteem by their fellow beings, those who are ill-mannered are often ignored and sidetracked. Good manners enhance the worth of a person and also reflect on his inherent greatness. Besides, they separate men from beasts. Good manners bring dignity. And dignity breeds respect.

Good manners also make a person humble and even-tempered. Good manners do not always mean being polite, they also mean being kind and considerate to other people’s feelings. It means being able to understand other people’s points of view. Good manners make a person a better human being. These make one a role model for others.


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Essay 3- Good Manners  Essay in English ( 200 words )

Wherever we are or whatever we do, there are always certain ways in which we should behave. This is called having good manners, or being well-behaved. We know that we should wash our hands before we eat. We do not speak with our mouths full. These are good habits. We say ‘Please’, when we ask for anything, and `Thank You’ when we are given something. We say ‘Yes, please, if we want something that is offered to us, and ‘No, thank you, if we do not want it.

We always answer when we are -spoken to, and never speak when someone else is speaking. We say `Excuse me, when we want to say something important when someone is talking to others. We never push in front of people, but wait our turn. We should not shout, make a noise, quarrel or get angry with others. We must always be tidy. In trains or buses, we should not sit if grown-ups are standing. Good manners do not cost anything. So we should -try to have good manners and be polite and kind to others.


Essay 4- Good Manners Essay in 250 to 300 words

Good manners are as necessary for a man as a soul for the body. Without good manners, a man is a wild beast. Good manners come from a fine upbringing. The child himself does not know what is good or bad. He is made to learn all this. A person who is brought up in a good environment always has good manners.

The best way to find a place in others’ hearts is by being humble, polite, and soft-spoken. A few sympathetic, soft and sweet words can win over the world. Old and helpless people need our sympathy and love. One should never be harsh and rude towards them. After all one day, we will also become old and dependent.

In a family, good manners can make one the favourite of all. Obedience is one such virtue that can win over the elders in the family. Helping elders and youngers should be a part of one’s personality.

As a student, one should always be humble and obedient in school. The well-mannered and well-disciplined student is liked by all the teachers.

Good manners cost us nothing. Words of courtesy such as thank you, please, etc. are depictions of our culture. They earn friends and well-wishers for us. We will be respected by society. On please many difficult situations turn to be easy. Thank you express our gratefulness for others. These are the kind of investments, which always give good results in the future.

Good manners always help us in every walk of our life. So we should always follow good manners.


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Essay 5- Essay on Good Manners in 350 to 400 words

A man is known not so much by the company he keeps as by the manners he has. Good manners are not born with a man. They are the result of a good upbringing and make all the difference between a cultured and an uncultured man.

Though there are different standards of good conduct in different countries, a common code of good manners is universally recognised. Courtesy, sympathy, and modesty are the essences of good beahviour. This code of conduct should form an integral part of the learning process at school. Especially the students of today who act like irresponsible louts should become conscious of the fact that it is the main prerequisite of education. Reading books alone cannot make them successful in life. If they are wanting in manners, they stand nowhere.

What lies within the scope of good manners? We should respect our teachers, parents, and elders. We should speak to them politely. We should be courteous to our youngers and sympathetic towards children. We should speak clearly and distinctly to our friends. We should on no occasion irritate and dictate others.

The civic sense also lies within the scope of good manners. We may treat it as our right to do anything in any way we like, but we may be on the wrong path. We should know that our rights are limited by those of others. Our rights come to an end wherefrom the rights of others start. In this context, there is a story about a man who was blowing his fist in the air. Suddenly his fist struck the nose of another person. He was caught and asked the reason for his misbehaviour. He asserted that it was within his rights to act in any way he liked. He was told in unmistakable terms that his rights ceased from where the noses of other people started.

Good manners develop good habits in a person. They show the character of a person. Besides they help us to lead a civilized and disciplined life. They are infectious. One good turn deserves another. Good manners help us to make friends and carve a respectable place in society.


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