Essay on My Favourite Fruit in English For Students & Children

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Essay on My Favourite Fruit in English For Students & Children

Short Essay on My Favourite Fruit Mango | The Fruit I Like most

There are many kinds of fruits. Some are seasonal. Others are available throughout the year. Fruits are of many kinds, shapes, and sizes. There are bananas, peaches, apples, apricots, cherries, strawberries, lichees. Then there are melons, watermelons, grapes, guavas, mangoes, papayas, and oranges. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, iron, and proteins. I love and like many fruits. But mango is my favourite fruit. It is the king of the fruits. It is a seasonal fruit. There are many varieties of mangoes. There are dasharis, alphanzos, langaras, chausas, sinduris, totapuris and safedas. I like mangoes in their various forms of preparation. They include juice, pickle, chatani, jam, etc. It is a wonderful fruit.

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My Favourite Fruit Essay

My favourite fruit is mango. It is typically an Indian fruit. It thrives only in India. Attempts to grow it in other parts of the world have been unsuccessful.

The mango is a delicious fruit. It has a golden colour and it simply melts in the mouth. It is very sweet, juicy, and tasty. My father buys us whole baskets of mangoes in May. All of us attack these mangoes with real gusto. They get finished in no time.

We get a wide variety of mangoes in India—from the biggest to the smallest. Some high-quality mangoes are grown only to be exported. But other varieties are made available to us, and we do full justice to them.

My mother prepares jams, fruit juices, squashes, and pickles out of mangoes. For the pickles, of course, she needs raw mangoes. All of us lend her a hand in preparing these things. The mango really has many uses. I shall always enjoy the mango and never tire of its golden goodness and sweetness


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