Essay on My Favourite Book in English For Students & Children

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Essay on My Favourite Book in English For Students & Children


My Favourite Book Essay in 100 words

Books are always considered as the best friend. Books give us knowledge and cheer us up in despair.

My favourite book is ‘The Gita’. It is a holy book. It consists of the ‘shlokas’ which give us useful lessons. It was presented to me by my father.

It is a true guide of mankind. Whenever a person is in trouble, it gives him peace and strength. It is a source of knowledge, wisdom, and light. It is a gift to mankind from the god himself.


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Essay on My Favourite Book in English ( 200 words )

My favourite book is the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi. This book is called `Experiments with Truth’.

In, this book Gandhiji gives us an account of his whole life from a very early age. He shows us how he had many faults but tried to overcome them all.

The book is written in a simple and pleasing style. it is not meant to impress people, but to show them how a great man tried to conquer himself.

The book reflects the pleasing personality of Gandhiji. We realise how he became devoted to truth from an early age. His moral perfection and the spiritual beauty of his character make us love and admire him as we read his autobiography.

Gandhiji’s autobiography is an instructive and inspiring book. We get a glimpse into the mind and spirit of the Father of the Nation. We realise that we have a lot to learn from his inspiring example. To mention only a few of his good qualities-they are honesty, selflessness, truthfulness, religious mindedness, humour and non-violence. Our lives would be quite different if we modelled them according to the example of the Father of the Nation.


Essay on My Favourite Book in 500 to 600 words

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested”

As Francis Bacon has so aptly said, there are different categories of books. There are books that are to be read purely for entertainment and there are those which offer a profound comment on life itself. It is this latter category of books which interest me a great deal. There are, of course, innumerable books of this kind. However, my favourite book is ‘Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

‘Great Expectations’ is the story of a little boy, Pip, who begins his life in the country, suddenly acquires wealth and moves to the city, and begins to look down on the country. He rises in life and society, but along with this, his moral values degenerate. Later, he passes through a series of experiences that make him realize the false values he has acquired. He then goes back to his birthplace, abandons his false expectations, and shows his maturity in accepting the limitations of his condition.

Through the story of Pip, Dickens exposes the various evils of society. He was particularly concerned about the plight of ill-treated children. Thus, he shows us how Magwitch (the convict) began his life by stealing vegetables (“turnips”) to satisfy his hunger. He is caught, tried, punished, and once again left to fend for himself, instead of being given any help to rehabilitate himself. He thus has no option but to once again steal and gradually becomes a criminal. Pip is an orphan and is severely ill-treated by his sister. Even visitors to their house abuse him and look at him as a virtual criminal.

Dickens exposes the irresponsibility and injustice of the law. Magwitch is condemned by the judge as a “Scourge to society” and sentenced to death. We feel outraged at the treatment meted out to him because he had fully redeemed himself by earning money through honest means.

Apart from the inhumanity of the law, we are shown the extent of inhumanity to which human beings can descend. Miss Harisham has been deserted by her lover and seeks to wreak revenge on all men. She therefore adopts and brings up a pretty little girl Estella, and teaches her to have a heart of stone and be cruel to men who are attracted to her. Estella, accordingly, does torment all the young boys who come in contact with her, particularly Pip.

Dickens further gives us an insight into the vanity of human nature. Pip, once he acquires wealth and education spends all his money on clothes, furnishings, parties, and cards, with no intellectual or artistic activity to his credit. He begins to look down on Joe, (who was the only one who had ever given him the affection of both, a father and a mother). Again, he feels degraded when he finds that he owed his progress to a convict, Magwitch. Instead of being grateful, he can only feel repulsed by Magwitch’s affectionate advances.

While thus exposing the evils of society and the vanity of human nature, Dickens also shows us the positive aspects of society and human nature. Thus, there is Joe, who even though he is looked down upon and insulted by Pip, yet does not give him up. On the other hand, he helps Pip out of his debts by paying off his creditors and looks after him through his sickness. Then there is Magwitch who repays Pip’s aid (who as a child had stolen food and a file to cut his iron chains under the threat of being killed by the convict if he refused) amply, by spending all his money (earned during his exile) on Pip’s education. Finally, there is Pip himself, who at last comes to appreciate the good heart of Magwitch and visits him in prison in his last moments without feeling ashamed. He also realizes his ill-conduct to-wards Joe and expresses his sorrow at it.

Thus, Great Expectations is a book that can be read again and again, and each reading further adds to one’s understanding of the various themes. Finally, what appeals to me most about it, is that the truths that Dickens exposes are not limited to his time but hold true to this day.


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