Essay on My Favourite Season in English For Students & Children

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Essay on My Favourite Season in English For Students & Children

My Favourite Season Essay | Why I Like Winter season

Every season has its own charms. But I have a special liking for the winter. I feel a lot of energy in my body. It is enjoyable to eat hot dishes like the parathas made of gobi, potato, and methi. Hot coffee and tea are relished much. It is a joy -to eat dry fruits in the cold season. l feel smart by wearing a warm suit with a necktie. It is quite pleasant to read fairy tales and detective novels lying under quilts or blankets. To sit late at night around the hearth while listening to – the tales narrated by the grandmother is very lovely. It is also thrilling to play outside in the winter sun. Basking in the sun gives warmth and energy. I never feel tired or exhausted in winter. The nights of the winter are memorable When listening to my favourite music while resting in my warm cozy bed.


Essay on My Favourite Season Winter

I prefer the cold season to the hot season and the rainy season. In the rainy season, everything is damp. One does not feel like going out of doors when it rains. One can be bored in the rain. The hot season of summer cannot be enjoyed much. In summer we sweat a lot and our bodies become sticky and uncomfortable. The best season, therefore, is the cold season. The weather is perfect. It is neither too hot nor too cold and if it is very cold, I can wear warm clothes accordingly. The cold weather makes us active and energetic. We do not easily feel tired in the winter season. We can do a lot of work.

We also enjoy taking vigorous exercise. We go for long walks and enjoy a game or two. Good vegetables are available in the winter season.

Our appetite and health improvements in the cold season. We can eat more and also sleep more soundly in winter. So health improves. How nice it is to snuggle under a blanket and enjoy one’s sleep in winter. I lead a very active life and also improve my health in winter. To me, it is the best season of the year.


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