Essay on My Favourite Scientist in English For Students

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Essay on My Favourite Scientist in English For Students

My Favourite Scientist Essay

Science is a search for knowledge regarding the nature of the universe. Scientists devote their whole life to searching for the answers as to how certain things happen. Scientists carry out experiments to test their theories and observations, and then make conclusions that become laws of science.

Different scientists have carried out observations and experiments and discovered different things. For example, Sir Issac Newton discovered the force of gravity, the Wright brothers invented the aeroplane and Thomas Alva Edison has a number of inventions to his credit.

My favourite scientist is Edison (1847-1931). He was a famous American inventor whose inventions have had a dramatic effect on modern life. As a boy, he sold newspapers at railroad stations and learnt how to use the telegraph machine for sending messages. It was during these years as a telegraphist that he invented many electrical gadgets. People began to pay for his inventions and his fame spread. In 1876 he moved to Mento Park, New Jersey and the world came to know him as the “Wizard of Mento Park”. A year later he invented the phonograph or record player.

In 1879 he invented one of the most useful of things -the electric light bulb. The arc light used in his time was costly and could not be used on a large scale. He thought of a filament that could produce light when charged with electricity. He tried various materials but they were soon burnt out. He finally obtained a special type for the purpose. The lamp he now made burnt for several days and nights. The invention was perfected and today there is light not only in the streets but in every house. Edison truly converted the darkness of night into light.

Another great contribution that Edison made to the world of science is his work on cinematography.

Edison has more than 1,100 inventions to his credit and it is impossible to mention all of them. Edison is certainly a scientist to be revered, for his inventions have now not only become indispensable to mankind but have served as a stepping stone for advanced research.


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