Essay on A Village Fair in English For Students & Children


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Essay on A Village Fair in English For Students & Children

A Village Fair Essay

A fair in a village is one of the popular forms of entertainment, especially owing to the absence of television, cinema theatres, or shopping centers. Besides bringing a lot of fun and jollity in the life of the villagers, it also serves as a meeting place for people of different villages.

The fair in the village is usually held after the harvesting season when the farmer has completed the work of one season. If the harvest has been good he is happy and can bask in the glory of his achievement and he is in the mood to celebrate.

A fair in a village is similar to the fairs we have in the city, with the difference that the stuff sold caters to the needs and tastes of the villagers. There are stalls with different kinds of things being sold. One of the most popular stalls here, as in the city, is the stall selling foodstuff. ‘Jalebis’ are fried in huge vessels and put in the sugar syrup and men, women and children crowd around it to have hot Jalebis. The stalls selling ‘Kulfis, ‘Laddus’ of different kinds, ‘Alu – puri’ and so on are all very popular. Not all sell their wares installs, and many squat on the ground to sell their wares.

There are the sellers of earthen and clay toys for children and many a father can be seen being pulled by his child towards it. There is also the merry-go-round and the makeshift swing for children.

There are many who sell household goods – such as earthen or aluminum vessels for use in the kitchen, ‘matkas’, pots and pans, little multicolored boxes for keeping trinkets or cosmetics, and so on. Here it is the women who congregate around and bargain for whatever catches their fancy.

For the men, the fair is not merely a pleasure trip, but the farmers also come to sell cattle. Thus there are cows, buffaloes, and goats for sale. Sometimes there are horses or ponies also for sale. Apart from animals, the farm produce is also brought to be sold off; particularly the stuff of one village which is not produced in other villages. Thus, different kinds of pulses, lentils, and corn are also bought and sold. Sometimes, barter is used for these transactions.
For the fun-loving men, there are wrestling and ‘kabaddi’ matches. Often farmers who are not regulars at it join in against the farmers of other villages for the sake of fun. Crowds of women and children gather around the arena to watch the performance and cheer at the top of their voices if a person from their village is doing well.

The whole place is filled with loud voices of the rustic folk chattering, exchanging the news and views of their village. It acts as a meeting point for people of nearby villages. Everyone is brightly dressed in their best clothes. Women are dressed in brightly coloured swirling skirts covering their ankles with bright matching blouses and shining `dupattas’ with sequin work or zari on them, with silver anklets tinkling on their feet and glass and silver bangles. The men too wear their colourful shirts and dhotis and the children, of course, are also dressed in their colourful best. Many little ones are skimpily dressed and run about half-naked enjoying the games, the food, and the merrymaking.

Thus, the village fair is a brief but happy interlude in the farmer’s life of labour. It is the one time when he too forgets the tensions and worries of his life and lets himself loose to enjoy and make merry.


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