Essay on A Visit To A Village in English For Students & Children

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Essay on A Visit To A Village in English For Students & Children

A Visit To A Village Essay

It was the month of July when our school decided to take us to see a typical Indian Village. We were all very excited and got on the school bus and were on our way to the village.

As soon as the bus reached the village called Garhi, a crowd of children gathered all around. Apparently. a school bus was not a common sight in the village. They stared at us as we got down from the bus and then started talking to each other pointing with their fingers at the various features of the bus that interested them.

The first thing that struck us was that the village was very different from the city. There were brick houses painted with yellow or blue paint. There were puddles of water here and there where the rainwater had collected. Outside the houses was an open gutter filled with filthy water with mosquitoes floating on it.

The chief of the village came to greet us and to take us around. He first took us to see the temple. We passed through the narrow muddy lanes with scarcely space for two people to walk abreast. The villagers collected on the corner of the street or stood in their doorways to look at us. They were quite surprised to see school children paying them a visit.

The temple was built of brick and stone and was painted white. There was a hall and in strong contrast to the muck outside, was surprisingly clean. The hall was cool and we were amused to see the priest lying on a “Charpoy” with his mouth open. There were three small rooms for the idols of the Gods and Goddesses but these were locked at this time of the day.

We were next taken to see the primary school. The school was a yellow building with five or six rooms. I peeped into one classroom and saw the teacher standing by her desk and the children reciting arithmetic tables in sing-song voices. We were told that the school was up to the fifth standard. The younger children were fairly regular but afterward, the attendance dropped because parents would take them away to work in the fields or to help them at home to mind their younger brothers and sisters while the parents were away at work. We had created quite a disturbance in the school and the teachers and children all stopped their work and gaped at us. So we quickly left and were taken to the fields.

The farmlands offered a lovely sight. There was a cool breeze blowing. The tall green stalks of grain seemed to wave at us. The fields stretched on endlessly till the eye could see. Here and there in the midst of the fields, there were scarecrows with their loose clothes and hats waving in the breeze and frightening away the birds. Farmhouses built of mud and thatched roofs could also be seen. After being told the various method used for irrigating the land, and the dependence of the farmers on the right weather conditions, we were taken to see the community center.

The community center was a big hall where women were taught to stitch clothes and adult education classes were held. These activities were conducted by social workers who visited the village three times a week for this purpose. The chief of the village was very proud of it, for that was one achievement to his credit since he had put in a lot of effort to get it built and move government agencies to send social workers to the village. He said he was now trying to get a dispensary built and again request the government to send qualified doctors to the village. We were all quite impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of this man to uplift his village.

Finally, we went home. We felt sorry for the villagers who were still living in such backward conditions. In spite of the efforts of the social workers, we could see that it would still be a long time before one could be proud of that village.


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