Essay on Life in a Village for Students & Children

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Essay on Life in a Village Students & Children

Life in an Indian Village Essay

Gandhiji once said that the soul of India lives in her villages. How right Gandhiji was! This can be experienced only when one goes and lives in villages.

Cities of India have grown very fast. They have become fully modernized and in fact, westernized. But our villages still follow our culture and purely Indian traditions. The villages of India could not make as much progress as made by urban areas. Many of our villages are still deprived of basic requirements such as lights, roads, transportation, etc. But cannot be said that they have not developed.

Maximum villages have the same scenes. Greenfields, canals, wells, tube-wells, bullock carts, tractors, etc. Life in a village is quite opposite of that in a city. People can never be seen rushing the way they do in cities.

The lifestyle of the people in villages is very simple. They do not believe in pretensions. They live in the lap of nature. Lots of trees and fields keep them in touch with nature. They breathe in pure air. Their food is pure. They do not have a fast-food culture in villages. They have their own livestock such as buffaloes, cows, bullocks, camels, goats, and sheep. They milk them and sell them in cities. They look after them, themselves only. They plough their fields. They sow seeds and reap the golden harvest. After harvest season they go to fairs and enjoy life. Their life is full of hard work and hardships. Women are very efficient in villages. They look after the house and work in the fields also.

Villages have their own Gram Panchayats. They solve their problems on their own. People in villages have full respect for their judiciary.

Modern agricultural technology has added to their joys. Now they harvest a richer crop. Education has reached the threshold of the villages. Communication is not a problem for rural people now.

Today the villages of India are marching forward. They are getting the basic infrastructure they need to grow and prosper.


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