Essay on A Picnic in English For Students and Children

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Essay on A Picnic in English For Students and Children

A Picnic Essay in 150 words | Essay on a picnic i enjoyed 

In December and January, we all love to go for a picnic. For is a pleasure trip and we enjoy it very much away from the towns. We select the place somewhere on The bank of rivers and in the cool shades of trees. The weather during these months is ideal for picnics. Of all the places I like Diamond Harbour most. It is an excellent picnic spot. On the bank of the Roughly, there are many places where people go for a picnic during winter. We also go almost every year. Our parents prepare our food and we have all the freedom in the world to play all sorts of games. When food is prepared we bathe in the river and enjoy the feast under the sky. It is a nice experience. After this, we go boating in the river in the afternoon. In the evening we come back home and remember the pleasures for many days.


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A School Picnic Essay in 200 words

I was thrilled. We were all going to a picnic from school because it was ‘Children’s Day. My class teacher asked each of us to bring our tiffin’ along and share it with the others. She said she would especially bake a cake for the whole class.

My mother gave me lots of yummy sandwiches and sweets. I also carried a large packet of chips. A huge bus was waiting for us in school and what a lot of noise we all made. We even sang songs, our teacher joined in the clapping.

Once we reached Lodhi Gardens we all ran around laughing and talking. Our teacher had arranged games like musical arms, races, tug-of-war, and lots of other activities.

At lunchtime we all sat together on the mats we had taken along and shared our meal. There was so much to eat. I was so full. When the teacher finally shouted for all of us to gather in one place as it was time to return to school, we all let out a big “no” because we just did not want the picnic to be over.

`Children’s Day is really important because we have so much fun and there are no studies. And the most important thing of all is that our teacher is in a good mood throughout.


Essay on A Picnic in 250 words

Last week, we the students of class VIII, decided to go for a picnic on the banks of the canal outside our hometown.

We made all the necessary arrangements. We arranged for a number of mats, utensils, and other necessary articles.

It was on the last Sunday that we were to go for the picnic. We got up early in the morning and reached the local bus stand at 7.00 a.m. sharp which was the fixed time.

All of us had our bicycles with us. We started for the canal at exactly 7.15 a.m. The canal was situated at a distance of about eight kilometers which was not a long distance.

We rode on our bicycles and moved forward leisurely, cracking jokes and singing songs all the way.

We reached the canal at about 8.00 a.m. A small advance party had already arrived there. They were busy making arrangements for breakfast.

However, all of us decided to have a bath in the canal first. We jumped into the canal and swam merrily, diving for a few moments occasionally.

After about an hour as we came out, we were awfully hungry. All of us fell to eating the tasteful preparations, praising all along those who had prepared them.

After breakfast was over, we removed the carpets and started non-stop dancing to the tune of dizzy music flowing out of the cassettes of renowned musicians that we had brought with us.

Then, there was a short program in which skits, sounds of animals, and parodies of actors and actresses were presented.

Thereafter, we returned home. We were beaming with joy.


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