Essay on Students and Discipline in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Students and Discipline in English For Students & Children

Short Essay on Students and Discipline

Discipline connects humans with social norms. Human beings are governed by rules in all spheres of their lives. These rules apply in studies, sports, socialising, clubs, etc. Working within these rules is discipline.

The students are the next generation of society. They will take their country to new horizons. An undisciplined child is an easy target for social evils. Disrespecting elders, dishonouring teachers, not following a routine, and not cooperating with friends while playing and studying, are all characteristics of an undisciplined child.

The family is the first school to learn discipline norms. The children naturally pick up good habits from their families. The schools discipline children by providing opportunities for mental and physical development.

Disciplined students are an asset to the nation and they help in the progress of a country. Discipline develops more self-control than external control.

Discipline implies giving up your bad habits and accepting good habits to make your life better and meaningful.


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Students and Discipline Essay

Discipline is a very important part of life. Discipline implies an orderly manner of living and conducting oneself. It is essential in every sphere of life, whether it is at home or at work. Only a disciplined person can make a success of whatever he engages in. It is a quality that should be inculcated in children right from the beginning. The two most important influences in this regard are the home and the school.

If we look at the students of today. we find a picture of indiscipline. Unlike their ancient counterparts, they lack respect for elders and for their teachers. Their indiscipline is further manifested in dishonesty in examinations. where mass copying has become the order of the day. Invigilators are intimidated at the point of a knife and sometimes even assaulted if they try to perform their duty. This indiscipline is further shown in students going on strike at the slightest provocation and this provocation might be the simplest of reasons such as an increase in the bus fare or the demand for a better canteen and so on. They even go to the extent of taking their anger to the road and stoning and burning buses.

The important point to consider in this state of affairs are the reasons for this growing menace of indiscipline so that a solution can be found to this problem. Now, the two most important influences on the student are his environment at home and at school.

On the home front, parents are to blame to some extent, for pampering the child and giving in to every demand. This causes the child to rebel whenever he is not able to get his way. Again, in most homes, both parents are away at work and have little time to spare for their children, so they feel neglected and turn their minds to mischief.

At the same time, the school also plays a very important role in forming the character of a child. We find that except for missionary schools, no other school has a moral-science class where students are taught basic traits of a good honest life. This, I feel, is a very serious shortcoming of our schools.

Again with the increasing population, the number of students seeking admission to schools is far beyond the number a school can safely admit. Therefore, there is severe overcrowding and the number of students in each class is far beyond what a teacher can happily manage. Thus, it often happens that there is little contact between the teacher and student. Often the teachers do not even know the names of all the students in the class. The absence of rapport between students and teachers makes them quite indifferent to each other. As a result, the student has no incentive to follow the good example of the teacher.

Yet again, the teachers are concerned with teaching the textbook alone and do not relate the lesson taught to its practical application in life – which could be a simple and effective way of teaching students good precepts without appearing to moralize.

Furthermore, teachers too do not have the kind of devotion to duty they should have. They are more concerned about their own family problems and about making side money through tuition or other small-time business activities. They are often quite indifferent if students “bunk” classes and regard it as a free period to be enjoyed. Instead of pointing out to students the wrong they thus indulge in, the teachers by their behavior make it appear like quite an acceptable practice. In such an environment it is little to be wondered about if students misbehave and are indisciplined.

It is important that this situation be rectified as soon as possible. Parents should make the utmost effort to spend more time with their children to guide them and teachers too should take more interest in their work so that students get the kind of education they deserve.

The students of today are going to be the adult citizens of tomorrow and be at the helm of affairs of the nation. Therefore, it is very important to mold them right from the beginning so that they might grow up into responsible, adults and lead the nation to progress and prosperity.


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