A Visit To A Railway Station Essay for Students & Children

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A Visit To A Railway Station Essay for Students & Children

My father sent me to the station to receive him with my elder brother. My cousin was to arrive from Delhi. I bought a platform ticket and entered the station.

There were fifteen minutes left for the arrival of the train. The platform was crowded with people. Very few people were actual travellers. Some, like me, had come to receive their relations and others had come to see someone off. People kept their luggage ready. Railway porters in their uniforms got ready to carry the luggage and load it into the train. There were bookstalls from where people bought books, newspapers, and magazines. Some people were busy watching television.

Next, the sound of a whistle was heard. The train arrived. There was a scramble of people towards the train. They would not allow the passengers to alight. They tried to rush into the train. The hawkers and vendors became active. They went up and down the platform shouting their wares. They sold tea, cold drinks, and eatables. The travellers on the train looked very tired. We searched all over the train for my cousin. We could not find him. Perhaps We had missed him in all that crowd and confusion. We wondered what had happened to him.

Soon it was time for the train to leave. The guard blew the whistle and the train proceeded on its journey. The platform which was humming with life and activity became quiet and deserted. There We found our cousin standing at the side of the platform.

We had passed our time very pleasantly by watching the scene at the railway station. A railway station is a place where one can always find much noise and activity. We are lucky to have trains to travel by. We pity our forefathers who had to travel very slowly by bullock cart. We must thank science for our railways.


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