Futile in a Sentence

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Use Futile in a Sentence

Futile Sentence

1. It was a futile protest.

2. His effort went completely futile.

3. He wasted the best years of his life in futile.

4. It was a futile search of operation.

5. We should all avoid gossip and futile talk.

6. Speech is futile without action.

7. He had arrived at an age where everything was futile.

8. He was wasting his time at futile wanderings.

9. All his efforts to get a job were futile due to the troubled economy.

10. The hurricane made all the rescue missions futile.

11. All my efforts to cheer her up proved to be futile.

12. It was futile trying to reason with him as he barely listens.

13. He was hurt in a futile attack by the robbers.

14. All the negotiations between the countries proved to be futile.

15. All her appeals were futile in court.

16. His attempts were very impressive but futile.

17. All the efforts of the doctors were futile to save the patient.

18. She searched for an explanation but it was all futile.

19. The police chased the robbers but it proved to be futile.

20. It is rightly said that there is nothing futile in this world.


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