Commanded in a Sentence

Sharing Commanded in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Commanded in Example Sentences.

Use Commanded in a Sentence

Commanded Sentence

1. The military leader commanded his troops to battle.

2. The bank robbers commanded the people to lay on the ground.

3. The mother commanded her children to finish their dinner.

4. I did as he commanded me.

5. He commanded the other division.

6. The painter commanded the model to keep still.

7. The king commanded to bring the prisoner before him.

8. The leader commanded his men to stand at ease.

9. The teacher commanded us to work hard.

10. I was surprised that she commanded those things.

11. The judge commanded to bring out the first witness.

12. The owner commanded the watchmen to shut the gate.

13. The captain commanded his men to fire.

14. The general commanded his troop to follow his orders.

15. The king commanded the enemy to withdraw.

16. The captain commanded his troop to march back.

17. The men were commanded to be ready for the charge.

18. The police commanded him to leave the room immediately.

19. The kidnapper was commanded to not harm the child.

20. He was commanded to move forward with his orders.


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