Annoyed in a Sentence

Sharing Annoyed in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Annoyed in Example Sentences.

Use Annoyed in a Sentence

Annoyed Sentence

1. He was very annoyed with her.

2. She got annoyed with me due to my minor mistake.

3. Excessive stress can make you feel annoyed for a long time.

4. People get annoyed with traffic jams very quickly.

5. Why are you so annoyed and irritated?

6. You shouldn’t get annoyed for no reason.

7. She was annoyed at something I had said.

8. The teacher was annoyed by the student’s constant disruption in class.

9. He was annoyed by her questions.

10. The whole city was annoyed due to frequent power cuts.

11. She kept her cook even though she was very annoyed.

12. He was annoyed by his behavior in the meeting.

13. He frowned at her annoyed.

14. His nervous giggles annoyed everyone.

15. She was annoyed by his contradiction.

16. He was annoyed at her for being late.

17. She was annoyed at her selfishness.

18. Everyone was annoyed at her for her harsh words.

19. Her ignorance got everyone annoyed.

20. He was annoyed by the remarks.


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