Scarcity in a Sentence

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Use Scarcity in a Sentence

Scarcity Sentence

1. The scarcity of water in the village created a lot of problems for the people.

2. The scarcity of skilled people is worrisome for the government.

3. Old properties in the city has a scarcity of value.

4. There was a scarcity of food in their country.

5. We should conserve water to avoid scarcity.

6. We are facing acute power scarcity these days.

7. Many areas in our country have a scarcity of electricity even today.

8. Due to the scarcity of apartments in the city the rents were pretty high.

9. Due to scarcity of labour agriculture suffered.

10. Excess export of goods creates scarcity in our own country.

11. The scarcity of cash can lead to a lot of chaos.

12. The scarcity of jobs increased the crime rate in the city.

13. The scarcity of medical equipment created a lot of problems for the people.

14. We are entering an era of protein scarcity.

15. Mars has a great scarcity of water.

16. The transport strike created a scarcity of vegetables.

17. Farmers are facing acute fuel scarcity.

18. There is no scarcity of water.

19. There is a scarcity of water in the summer.

20. Severe drought brought a huge scarcity of food grains.


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