Anxious in a Sentence

Sharing Anxious in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Anxious in Example Sentences.

Use Anxious in a Sentence

Sentence with Anxious

1. I was very anxious to finish the job.

2. The new business idea made her very anxious.

3. Everyone was anxious to know the cause of the death.

4. My mother was very anxious about my health.

5. He was very anxious to win the scholarship.

6. The participant looked very anxious.

7. She was very anxious to preserve her reputation.

8. He was anxious about her safety.

9. My mother becomes very anxious if I don't come home on time.

10. He was very anxious about the business meeting.

11. She was very anxious to win the prize.

12. Everyone was anxious to get home after a long trip.

13. She was very anxious about her exam result.

14. They were anxious to find shelter for the night.

15. All parents are anxious for their children.

16. He was very anxious to see the picture.

17. He became anxious when using the new machinery.

18. They drove in the night in anxious silence.

19. He was very anxious to see her brother.

20. She was very anxious to learn about his health.


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