Prosperity in a Sentence

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Use Prosperity in a Sentence

Prosperity Sentence

1. I hope you get all the prosperity you want in life.

2. It is rightly said that prosperity makes friends and adversity tries them.

3. Industry and agriculture are two major pillars of economic prosperity.

4. She is leading a life of success and prosperity.

5. During prosperity, one has many friends.

6. He was envious of his friend’s prosperity.

7. She must realize that prosperity does not last forever.

8. May you enjoy prosperity in your business.

9. You must realize that prosperity does not last forever.

10. She is the epitome of success, strength, and prosperity.

11. This is a mark of social progress and prosperity.

12. In China, red symbolizes prosperity.

13. Your thinking results in prosperity or poverty.

14. The growth of tourism brought prosperity to their country.

15. They wished a married couple a life full of prosperity and bliss.

16. His future happiness and prosperity were dependent on his decision.

17. We all strive for peace and prosperity.

18. May this festival bring you all the happiness and prosperity you desire.

19. He was pursuing a dream to get prosperity in his life.

20. His unparalleled prosperity is based on his wise investments.


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