Adversity in a Sentence

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Use Adversity in a Sentence

Adversity Sentence

1. Many friendships fail in times of adversity.

2. Adversity can make a man wise.

3. We find true friends in adversity.

4. The farmers experience a long period of adversity due to the drought.

5. You should be always prepared for adversity.

6. His courage helping get over adversity when he lost his job.

7. Going up in adversity taught me the value of things.

8. Adversity does not come with an instruction manual in its hand.

9. Even during adversity she always smiled.

10. Adversity can lead to prosperity.

11. After battling adversity for many years he came out stronger.

12. Adversity is the best teacher.

13. Don’t let adversity get in your way of success.

14. She was always cheerful even in adversity.

15. Adversity can carve out a strong human being.

16. Shit on adversity into an opportunity.

17. People who can convert adversity into success are great leaders.

18. My father taught me to not give up even in times of adversity.

19. The country faced a long period of decline and economic adversity.

20. The economic adversity made her come out stronger than ever.


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