Besides in a Sentence

Sharing Besides in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Besides in Example Sentences.

Use Besides in a Sentence

Besides Sentence

1. She doesn’t like swimming, besides she doesn’t own a swimsuit.

2. Do you have any other book besides the one you gave me before?

3. Besides you, ten more people have applied for this job.

4. He owns a motorbike beside a car.

5. Besides this shirt, I have five more like these.

6. Besides clothes, I also gave him some warm food.

7. Besides, it’s his word against mine.

8. Besides, it might be a fun party.

9. Besides vegetables, we also need milk and curd.

10. She didn’t have any family here besides her parents.

11. There’s no one here beside me.

12. I think she has many more qualities besides being pretty.

13. Besides singing, she can dance well too.

14. I use many reference books besides the textbooks provided by the school.

15. There will be four people joining us for dinner besides John.

16. She could speak French besides English.

17. What do you like to play besides football?

18. People choose this job for the perks besides money.

19. No one wrote to him besides her.

20. She had no relatives in the city besides her aunt.


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