Superfluous in a Sentence

Sharing Superfluous in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Superfluous in Example Sentences.

Use Superfluous in a Sentence

Superfluous Sentence

1. It is superfluous to own 20 pairs of shoes and use only 5.

2. Most celebrities are superfluous.

3. He does not indulge in any superfluous activities.

4. That expenditure was superfluous.

5. He did not believe in superfluous statements.

6. You should eliminate words from your speech.

7. Our mayor plans to reduce superfluous programs in the city.

8. Due to that the students were graded on a superfluous basis.

9. You will be absorbed in superfluous matters this week.

10. Thousands of hours of collective practice have rendered the fields superfluous.

11. Her superfluous ideas were shunned by everyone.

12. He made a superfluous remark about everyone.

13. I have answered your questions once, answering them again and again would be superfluous.

14. Isn’t it superfluous to call me by my first, middle, and last name?

15. You are at your healthy weight, losing more weight would be superfluous.

16. She did not forgive his superfluous mistake.

17. This question was of superfluous expression.

18. Not a single dialogue was superfluous in the movie.

19. He spent his time on superfluous matters.

20. They suffered a loss due to their superfluous expenditure.


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