Prosperous in a Sentence

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Use Prosperous in a Sentence

Prosperous Sentence

1. May you have a prosperous year ahead.

2. It used to be a very prosperous town.

3. He was the son of a prosperous landowner.

4. A prosperous man never has to worry about paying his bills.

5. She felt very prosperous after receiving her tax refund.

6. After all those hardships before they became prosperous again.

7. It is medium-sized but a very prosperous town.

8. He wanted to leave his village to be prosperous.

9. People living in prosperous cities know the actual value of time.

10. The king’s rule was long and prosperous.

11. All his brothers were prosperous merchants.

12. They urged him to sell his prosperous firm.

13. The restaurant took time but became very prosperous.

14. Soon the village became prosperous.

15. His mother ran a prosperous paint business.

16. It was a prosperous voyage on the ship.

17. The suburbs in that city provided a home to the prosperous.

18. You should try for a prosperous life full of purpose.

19. I hope you have a jolly and prosperous new year.

20. There were some areas of poverty in the country but overall the country was quite prosperous.


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