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10 Lines on Meghnad Saha

1. Dr. Meghnad Saha, a great Indian scientist, was born on 6th October 1893 at Seoratali in the district of Dhaka ( now in Bangladesh ).

2. He had his early education in financial difficulties of his family, But that could not prevent the talented boy from passing the Entrance Exam with credit in 1905.

3. He stood first among the boys from East Bengal.

4. Meghnad passed the I.A. Exam also with great credit from Dhaka University and then he came to Kolkata and was admitted to the Presidency College.

5. He did M.Sc. in Mixed Mathematics very creditably in 1915 and Then he joined Kolkata University as a professor in Physics.

6. He published the famous Thermal Ionization Theory and got D.Sc. degree from the University of Kolkata in 1918.

7. Dr. Saha was elected Fellow of the Royal Society and appointed Palit Professor at Calcutta University in 1938.

8. Another great achievement was the foundation of the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics in Kolkata.

9. Dr. Meghnad Saha was elected Member of Parliament in 1952.

10. This great scientist, patriot, and social worker passed away on February 16, 1956.


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