10 Lines on Prafulla Chandra Ray in English For Students

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10 Lines on Prafulla Chandra Ray

1. Prafulla Chandra Ray, a great scientist, was born on 2nd August 1861 at Raruli Katipara in Khulna district.

2. He completed his primary education at his native village and then came to Calcutta.

3. In 1871, young Prafulla Chandra was admitted to the Hare School from where he passed the Entrance Examination in 1878 with credit.

4. In 1882, he got the Gilchrist Scholarship from the Metropolitan College, Calcutta.

5. Then Prafulla Chandra went to England for higher studies and got his B.Sc. degree from the University of Edinburgh.

6. He took the D.Sc. degree from the same university.

7. He then came back to India and joined the Presidency College as a professor of Chemistry in 1.889.

8. Acharya Roy is so famous in the world for his invention of mercurous nitrate in 1896.

9. His other achievement was his establishment of the Bengal Chemical in 1900.

10. Acharya Ray retired from service in 1936 and died eight years later on 16th June in 1944.

Acharya Sir Prafulla Chandra Ray Known as “Father of Indian Chemistry


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