Wanted in a Sentence

Sharing the Use Wanted in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Wanted in Example Sentences.

Use Wanted in a Sentence

1. He wanted to be the richest man of all time.

2. I have always wanted to become a Lawyer.

3. She showed considerable talent for getting what she wanted.

4. They both wanted to have some rest

5. Which book is wanted by you?

6. I wanted to cure him of this bad habit.

7. You are wanted on the telephone.

8. This is a very good book and I have wanted it for so long.

9. He wanted you to help him with his homework.

10. She initially wanted to go to medical school.

11. She advised me to work hard if I wanted to pass.

12. Why didn’t you tell me what you wanted to?

13. He wanted to see our country be famous and prosperous.

14. The thief is wanted by the police.

15. The business firm wanted to appoint an employee.

16. I wanted to do it myself.

17. Thank you for the wonderful present, it is exactly what I wanted.

18. Everyone wanted to watch the match.

19. I wanted to talk to him.

20. He wanted to enjoy his moment of glory.

21. She wanted to sell her house.

22. I wanted to go to that concert.

23. They wanted to help her.

24. He wanted to design his own house.

25. She wanted to enjoy the sunset.


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