Peace in a sentence

Sharing the word Peace in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Peace in Example Sentences.

Peace in a sentence

1. At the end of the day, everyone wanted peace.

2. She went to her friend’s house with a peace offering.

3. They were at peace with each other.

4. After reaching home, she finally felt at peace.

5. She deserved to know for her peace of mind.

6. He went to the mountains to seek inner peace.

7. Peace and order were restored in the town.

8. Insurance can provide you with peace of mind.

9. After consistent therapy, he found his mental peace.

10. Peace was finally promoted as a result of his actions.

11. It is rightly said that if you want peace, you must prepare for war.

12. She just wanted to have peace in her life.

13. Everyone found peace in that city.

14. There was peace for 50 years before the war broke out again.

15. Her ultimate goal in her life was to help in achieving world peace.

16. Their final objective was to get a peace settlement.

17. Watching the sunrise gave him peace.

18. She wanted to be left in peace.

19. After finding a solution to his problem he found peace.

20. We tend to find peace in the smallest of things.

21. He tried to negotiate peace between the countries at war.

22. After years of struggles, they found peace.

23. No place can give you peace like home.

24. He gave her a sense of peace.

25. They admitted to causing a breach of peace.


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