Comes in a Sentence

Sharing the Comes in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Comes in Example Sentences.

Comes in a Sentence

1. It is said that real music comes from the heart.

2. He comes from a humble family.

3. The bus comes Every 15 minutes.

4. Confidence comes from preparation.

5. This comes as no surprise to me.

6. This chance comes in a lifetime only once.

7. I mean man comes in the afternoon.

8. The truth comes out eventually.

9. The election comes up this month.

10. Good health comes from healthy food habits.

11. Success always comes to the person who never gives up.

12. It comes and it goes.

13. He seldom comes on time.

14. The teenager always comes late at night.

15. When it comes to our house I shall give him a gift.

16. I will leave the house when he comes back.

17. I have to wait at the train station till the train comes.

18. A leap year comes every four years.

19. Skill comes with experience.

20. He comes to see me every day.

21. Her opinion comes into conflict with mine.


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