Book in a Sentence

Sharing the Use Book in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Book in Example Sentences.

Use Book in a Sentence

I give my old book to unprivileged children.

I have a small almirah for my books.

There is my book.

This book is very old.

My grandmother gives me a religious book.

My father give me a motivational book last year.

He will give his favourite book to me.

I have seen the world’s smallest book.

I have seen the world’s biggest book.

Put this book on a study table.

My friend gave me a very expensive book.

This book I read last year in the summer.

The language of this book is very easy.

I spent a week reading this book.

This book is very good for children.

This book is full of pictures.

This book has 150 pages.

All chapter in this book is very important.

This book has 15 motivational stories.

This storybook was gifted by my father on my birthday.

This book is for college students.

This book includes important chapters on economics.

My father read this book at bedtime.

This book opens the door of imagination and takes me to another world.

By reading books we learn many things.

A good book can change our life.

Our teacher put down the history book and look at us.

Last week I was reading a book about psychology.

I read a book about civil wars.

This weekend my father book a hotel for 2 days in Singapore.

I book a self-driven car for a city tour in Dubai.

Due to the heavy rush, I can’t book my cruise tickets.

In summer we can’t book a hotel because of the rush.


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