Study in a Sentence

Sharing the word Study in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Study in Example Sentences.

Study in a Sentence

1. He always wanted to study with me.

2. She had to study really hard to get the first rank.

3. His school recently finished an independent study.

4. He didn’t study at all for the test today.

5. Do I have to study that?

6. He wanted to study abroad.

7. The side effects of this medicine are currently under study.

8. She advised her to study harder.

9. I want to study medicine in America.

10. She had to study French this afternoon.

11. They were study partners for chemistry.

12. Do I have to study by myself today?

13. The study gave them a definite conclusion.

14. He devoted his entire life to this study.

15. She went to New York to study acting.

16. She invited us to study at her house.

17. Everyone was waiting for him in the study room.

18. They had to study the instruction manual to install that equipment.

19. I am going to study in the library.

20. You need to study every day to learn a new language.

21. I study hard at home as well as in school.

22. Her mother told her to study hard.

23. Children should study hard to succeed in their life.

24. Let’s study French.

25. Study plays a very crucial part in our life.

26. I need to study mathematics.

27. Study hard for your bright future.

28. I have decided to study hard to get good marks this year.

29. Every day I study for 3 hours at home.

30. I also do group study.


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