Virtuous in a Sentence

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Use Virtuous in a Sentence

Virtuous sentence

1. She was the most honest and virtuous woman I had ever met.

2. She was described as a hardworking and Virtuous person.

3. He lived a Virtuous life.

4. She considered herself very virtuous because she neither drank nor smoked.

5. She was the most honest and Virtuous woman that he had ever met.

6. To be virtuous is to be good.

7. As he was Virtuous he was respected everywhere.

8. You should always choose a Lifestyle of Virtuous living.

9. He was Virtuous that is why he was universally respected.

10. She left behind a Virtuous life and no controversies.

11. A Virtuous woman is a godly woman.

12. Knowledge can become Evil if the aim is not to be virtuous.

13. He was a Virtuous man who dedicated his life to helping others.

14. She had failed to be Virtuous and noble.

15. You have to drive out your ego to be virtuous.

16. Everybody agrees that the senator was a Virtuous man.

17. They were a part of a positive and Virtuous circle.

18. Following a healthy Regime is difficult but it is good and virtuous.

19. We should try to live a virtuous life.

20. A virtuous man is always happy and peaceful.


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